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Pooh's Most Grand Adventure Review
Winnie The Pooh's Most Grand Adventure...
Is a GOOD movie.
No, seriously. Yes, it's dark. Yes, it can be 'scary'...But look at the Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast or Hunchback of Notre Dame.
It's hardly The Black Cauldron when it comes to dark themes and imagery.
And yet, there's still a sense of bittersweetness to it.
This review will be spoilered, so if you haven't seen it yet...What are you waiting for? The movie turns 20 years old this year, GO!
Anyway, lets start with the storyline and go from there:
It's...surprisingly mature from what's, arguably, one of the most child-friendly franchises in the Disney Canon.
First, we begin with a narrator informing us it's the last day of a golden summer, and we see Winnie the Pooh strolling along a riverbank, enjoying
the day. He's going off to meet his very best friend, Christopher Robin. Isn't that sweet?
When the two bump into each other, Christopher Robin seems...worried, and has something to tell Pooh. Pooh doesn't seem to mind, and
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Goodbye and Goodnight - Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The Mystery
''I never thought I'd be looking forward to something new. I was so used to how...normal everything is.'' said Clark. ''I have to agree with that. That's partly the reason I organised this little vacation for us. I thought we both needed some time away from the monotony, and maybe a little more time together.'' replied Brenda. The two of them found themselves smiling, happy to just be spending time with one another, no matter what happened on the trip.
''Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, there was an entry in that journal that really confused me, more than the rest of the entries combined. See if you can figure it out, I wanna see what you think of it.'' suggested Brenda. Clark responded with a nod, and reached in to pick up the journal again.
'Entry NO. 46
Scott Grays
I've been searching for it for so long now...I thought I'd finally found it, but I was wrong. IT found ME. I...I won't be coming back tomorrow. I will face the future I've created for
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Goodbye and Goodnight: Prologue + Chapter One
Goodbye and Goodnight
The Ocean and The Sky
The leaky tap was still making it's usual distracting noises. Clark had been meaning to fix that. Staring at the screen of his laptop, he could almost reach someone on the other side, someone who'd listen and have kind words to reply with. But Clark wouldn't listen back, he'd be too scared. Talking and meeting new people...they weren't exactly his strong points. He'd always changed his goals, ever since he was a little kid, though he'd never tell anyone. But those dreams had died with his self-confidence and now he worked as a computer repairman instead. It worked out well for him, of course. Nobody said anything about the man on the other end of the phone, or asked any questions other than how long he'd take to repair their computers or, if it was simply a case of being unable to log in, how they could recover their password.
Clark knew, somehow, that someday he'd find a way to talk to people, to be the person other people would not
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Dark Side Part 2 by jellyjammfan Dark Side Part 2 :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 0 0
Tomorrow is a Blessing
Tomorrow is a Blessing
Ashita wa shukufukudesu
It all began on that one day, when I finally awoke after a thousand years of recovery. I opened my eyes slowly, some of the pain from my past experience still not having left.
The first thing I did was search for a friend of mine, Zoroark, but then I remembered that he would not be alive any more. Instead, I found his gravestone, that looked like it had been tended to well over the past thousand years. After saying my Hello's and Goodbye's, I decided to look around this new world. It seemed that the world devolved since I was last here. Instead of the grand buildings and large cities, there was now only a large castle in the distance, and a small village around it. I had to admit, it seemed much better than the strange new world I had seen last time. I still didn't want to remind myself of what happened, so instead I flew towards the castle, hoping to explore and see why the world had changed this much. I had no clue as to why
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'Never that simple...' by jellyjammfan 'Never that simple...' :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 1 0 'It would mean everything.' by jellyjammfan 'It would mean everything.' :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 2 0 'Maybe Next Time...' by jellyjammfan 'Maybe Next Time...' :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 1 0 First Meeting by jellyjammfan First Meeting :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 0 0
Short Film - Update and Progress + Additional Info
First off, I want to say a huge Thank You to anyone who's signed up, especially August-Lanthy, for being the main (and so far only) voice actor.
Now, for 'additional info' I want to just clear a few things up.
While I Can NOT  pay people money for their contributions to the project, I WILL be able to provide at least a sort of promotion for things such as DA profiles, youtube channels etc. You'll also be able to use the project for a reference, for example if you wish to get into voice acting, script writing, you can show that you've had at least a little experience. I'm sorry, but with this project being made on a shoestring budget, if even that, that's really all I can do.
Now, to Updates and Progress reports:
Storyline: The storyline is now semi-finalized,  by which I mean while the beginning and end are sorted, the middle needs a little building, but that shouldn't be a problem.
Characters: Names and designs have been decided on, all except one who may need to be changed
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Short Film in Development- Sign Up Here
In the middle of 2016, I finally realized for certain that I wanted to be an animator/film maker.
I am now in the process of developing my very first short film.
Admittedly,  it WILL take a while. I'm only one person, after all.
That's where YOU come in.
While I can probably handle the animation, I still need a lot (or at least a few) people in order to get this production off the ground.
I need:
Voice actors,
Possibly animators,
Writers (for the script)
Here is a short concept trailer I made this week:
On that same channel is a (low-quality) original rough draft of the film, so you can get a sort of idea of what we're going for, and why I need your help.
I know it's not much, but it's very early in development, and obviously it won't go anywhere without you.
This project means a lot to me, and I would love to see you and me could accomplish.
If you're interested in lending your skills to the production, go ahead and comment or
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Cheshire Cat Moon
Cheshire Cat Moon
I'll be seeing you soon
When I leave this world behind
Just a few more years of documents
And papers left to sign
Faded colored outlines
Lighting up the way
To the place where I had met you
Cheshire Cat Moon
Moving on was never easy for me
The past remains a blur
It's hard to look forwards
When you've forgotton who you were...
And what of you,
Cheshire Cat Moon
Did you sail among the stars?
How did you come to be?
Were you told from the start?
I'll be seeing you, Moon
When I've written in the charges
A decade done, a decade more
As my weary life, onwards, marches
For all I've learned, and taught
For the walls I've sold, and bought
For the Unnamed and the Endless
I must, my sins, confess...
I give my life to you
Cheshire Cat Moon
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Leon by jellyjammfan Leon :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 0 0
The Use of Emotion in Cinema
So, while watching The Iron Giant yesterday, I came to realize just WHY it's still a classic almost twenty years after release.
The expressive animation, gorgeous musical score and voice acting all resonate to create something of pure emotion, which allows us to feel the emotions of the characters, to sympathise with them, or relate.
Even the most evil villain can still be sympathised with, given enough effort into allowing so.
This realization led me to realize just how powerful a weapon emotion is in cinema. Even the most important message or lesson can go unlearned if no effort is put into teaching it.
Likeable characters, an understandable story and sensible resolution can teach many things, depending on what the lesson is, and given enough time and effort, maybe we can learn more than just the moral of the story on display.
Take Zootopia, for example.
From this film, we can interpret the message in many ways, and also find other morals hidden in the narrative.
We have a m
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Ghostbusters 2016 Review
First off, this movie is bad.
By 'bad' I mean just that. It's not THE worst movie ever made, but it's sure as hell one of the worst reboots ever created.
Now I don't give a shit that they're female, they can be fucking aliens for all I care, but when one of the earliest jokes in the movie involves farts and queefs, with jokes about a person shitting themselves coming a scene or two after, I have to question the movie's quaility.
The jokes themselves, in the whole, are mostly unfunny. They're mediocre or decent at best, but the most I did was a light chuckle every now and then, I never truly laughed throughout the entire TWO HOUR LONG movie. As a comedy, the film fails to deliver any memorable gags, and uses jokes you'd see in more or less any other movie.
Ghostbusters 2016 is not a good comedy.
That brings me to my next point, the characters.
Again, they are not memorable. We have three scientists and the normal guy like the original movie. Nothing new here.
There's the normal, everyda
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Kirari by jellyjammfan Kirari :iconjellyjammfan:jellyjammfan 1 0
I :heart: ratigan! :nod:
Check out my Orana folder :please:
Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it!


'He Will Be The Death Of Me' Stamp by MxRobotnik 'He Will Be The Death Of Me' Stamp :iconmxrobotnik:MxRobotnik 94 50 Eggman: Prepare to be destroyed Stamp by MxRobotnik Eggman: Prepare to be destroyed Stamp :iconmxrobotnik:MxRobotnik 50 40 If you insist stamp by MxRobotnik If you insist stamp :iconmxrobotnik:MxRobotnik 127 27 Predictable stamp by MxRobotnik Predictable stamp :iconmxrobotnik:MxRobotnik 71 16 The moment before leaving by nighteengail The moment before leaving :iconnighteengail:nighteengail 222 35 BILLion by MusicFireWind BILLion :iconmusicfirewind:MusicFireWind 198 35 Bill's throne of stuffed animals by PixelatedCocoa Bill's throne of stuffed animals :iconpixelatedcocoa:PixelatedCocoa 97 27 The Pines need to be punished. by cipher-pines The Pines need to be punished. :iconcipher-pines:cipher-pines 312 39 Cooking lessons by cipher-pines Cooking lessons :iconcipher-pines:cipher-pines 99 22 you do you by NixsRebellionOfLies you do you :iconnixsrebellionoflies:NixsRebellionOfLies 62 6 Hug the Triangle by itsaaudra Hug the Triangle :iconitsaaudra:itsaaudra 444 35 HHHHHHHH by NixsRebellionOfLies HHHHHHHH :iconnixsrebellionoflies:NixsRebellionOfLies 200 25 Gazing into the future by KonnyArt Gazing into the future :iconkonnyart:KonnyArt 277 64 hug? by cipher-pines hug? :iconcipher-pines:cipher-pines 293 69 Go shake my hand kiddo! by Pikachumaster Go shake my hand kiddo! :iconpikachumaster:Pikachumaster 169 49 Bill cipher by Suga1313 Bill cipher :iconsuga1313:Suga1313 19 13
Don't worry, the short film is still in develooment, I almost have half of the first scene done. I should be moving on to the second scene early next year, or late this year.

I'm using a tablet to put it all together, taking pictures of the hand-drawn-on-paper images and putting them together, I just don't have the means to upload it to youtube. I coukd easily find another site instead, so everything's perfectly fine, and I'm hoping to get a new laptop or computer this year anyway.

I just wanted to explain, there likely won't be any animation previews for a while, but I can definitely still reveal preview images or concept art.

Have s great day, guys ^^


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I watched Anata Wo Zutto Aishiteru last night...
I agree, mah frickin' SOUL, it was amazing! And that cameo in the end, I almost screamed! Just...Godd Lord it was fantastic!
jellyjammfan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Who's 'Godd Lord'? JK!
Seriously though, after how hyped we were for it, it was definitely worth waiting a year and three months for.
And Kirari...T-T adorable!
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I've been fine ^^

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ha ha, can't wait for the next episode ^^

Also, just noticed your new icon. Hello, nightmares...

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Oh god, sorry, it's wednesday. I forgot about movie night DX

What are we watching tonight, then?
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